10 Simple Household Tips For Preventing Cancer

The impact of any chronic illness on a person’s mental health is devastating, so it’s important to keep our body as healthy as possible. Our body’s cells follow a normal pattern of growth and death. When cells become cancerous, they uncontrollably divide and rarely die. These cells can attack other healthy cells of the body which could result in a long-term disease, or worse, death.

How exactly does a part of the body become cancerous? The cause could be genetic, but environmental factors are just as important. People with no genetic predisposition can get cancer because of some environmental causes and if these causes can be controlled or prevented, chances of developing cancer can be reduced. So, although cancer is a disease that we have no definite cure for, there are some simple steps that you can take right from the comfort of your own home to protect yourself and your family.

1. Consume cancer-fighting foods.

Go for foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which can prep the body to fight cell damage and potentially kill cancerous cells. Research from the 2010 European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition has suggested that people who had diets similar to the Mediterranean diet were much less prone to cancer. These diets consist of fruits, berries, leafy vegetables, fish, unrefined vegetable oils, fiber and calcium-rich foods. If you want to take your healthy diet one step forward, try to include oats, Brazil nuts, seeds, garlic, cruciferous vegetables, green tea, fatty fish, kiwis, onions, mushrooms and milk into your diet. Make an effort to have a balanced healthy diet and cut down on foods that are known to be harmful. Some herbs and spices such as turmeric have been known to fight inflammation and decrease tumor size.

10 Simple Household Tips For Preventing Cancer: Consume Cancer-Fighting Foods

10 Simple Household Tips For Preventing Cancer: Consume Cancer-Fighting Foods

Processed red meat has already been labeled as a potential carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) by the The International Agency for Research on Cancer. Instead, opt for organic fresh meat. Fried, overly cooked and charred food contain acrylamide, another potential carcinogen. Thus anything labeled as carcinogen should be avoided. Sugary drinks, smoked food, and pickles could also be harmful. Foods containing additives could also increase the risk of cancer.

2. A clean home every day keeps cancer away!

Dust particles, chemicals, and toxins around your home could trigger some cells in the body to react and become cancerous over time. You can use vacuum cleaners containing HEPA filters to remove these dangerous substances away from your home. Old buildings may have lead paint or materials containing asbestos which are both labeled as carcinogens. Since these substances pose serious risks and cannot be dealt with easily it is best to seek professional help. If you are renovating your home then you should avoid materials containing formaldehyde. Lastly, ensure there is a proper ventilation system for your stoves and chimneys so that harmful air can leave the building. Use air purifiers which would aid in maintaining clean fresh air.

3. Seek medical help.

Some cancers can be prevented if you choose to get immunized. A vaccination against Hepatitis B will protect you against certain liver cancers. This is particularly recommended for people with risky behavior or risky work environments such as factory workers and men with polygamous sexual activity. Vaccines for human papillomavirus is also available for teens aged 10 to 12 or adults under the age of 26 who did not get the vaccine before. There are many ways to self-examine your body. This would allow you to suspect and possibly detect early stages of cancer, which increases the likelihood of successful treatment.

4. Look for better alternatives to pesticides, cleaners and other chemicals.

10 Simple Household Tips For Preventing Cancer: Look for Better Alternatives to Pesticides, Cleaners and Other Chemicals

10 Simple Household Tips For Preventing Cancer: Look for Better Alternatives to Pesticides, Cleaners and Other Chemicals

Instead of pesticides or insecticides use homemade solutions of soap or vinegar to reduce the growth of weeds or insects around your home. Keep your home dust and debris free and do not leave food or crumbles spilled around or anything that would attract the attention of insects. Keep your home dry with dehumidifiers. A humid environment is a breeding ground for many unwanted disease-causing microbes and mold which could lead to infections and in serious cases, cancer.

5. Avoid practicing risky behavior.

Try to have a limited number of sexual partners (same sex or opposite sex) and ensure to use protection, especially if you have a sexually-transmitted disease. For example, certain cervical cancers can occur if someone infected with HPV has unprotected sex with a healthy person. Sharing needles should be avoided by infected intravenous drug users as this could transmit infections via body fluids. You should definitely seek professional advice for drug abuse problems.

6. Filter water before you drink.

10 Simple Household Tips For Preventing Cancer: Filter Water Before You Drink It

10 Simple Household Tips For Preventing Cancer: Filter Water Before You Drink It

You can filter water using carbon filters to get rid of harsh chemicals, metals, pharmaceuticals, and disinfectants. For more dangerous substances and potential carcinogens such as arsenic and nitrates, it is better to use reverse osmosis filters and distillation.

7. Check levels of radioactivity.

Radioactive gases such as radon or areas near nuclear sites might contain radioactive materials closeby. Radioactive materials are highly carcinogenic, which is why you should seek immediate professional help. Radioactivity testing kits are readily available.

8. Try to have as less electromagnetic devices as possible.

We cannot imagine our lives without phones, TVs, and ovens these days. These devices all emit electromagnetic waves which can interfere with the bioelectrical signals going on in our bodies. This could potentially promote the growth of cancerous cells. Limit use, especially of microwave ovens and headphones.

9. Do not use unnecessary medications and cosmetics.

Some medications and supplements such as contraceptive pills and aspirins have been linked to various types of cancers such as breast cancers. Most drugs pass through the liver, so too many medications can cause the liver to stress which could lead to cancer. We often ignore the ingredients in medications and beauty products. Most of these products are not even screened. Your favorite brand of shampoo just might be loaded with potential carcinogens! So you should definitely look up some of the products and see if they are carcinogen-free.

10. Reduce use of plastics.

Never heat plastics in a microwave or store hot food in plastic containers. Never leave plastic materials inside hot places. Plastics getting heated can easily release chemicals that is seriously toxic to human health.

As of 2012, there were around 14 million new cases of cancer worldwide. Despite vast improvements in medical research it seems we are always a few steps behind cancer. It is estimated that in 2018 more than 600, 000 people will die from various forms of cancer in the United States alone. Treatment and cure alone is not enough to stop this massacre. It is time to take matters into own hands and fight cancer starting from your household environment. Just following a few simple steps can ensure a healthy life for your loved ones and also yourself. Just following a healthy lifestyle will give a better shot at surviving life free of cancer.

Featured photo by MARK ADRIANE, other images courtesy of Unsplash