5 Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils at Bedtime

Have you heard about the benefits of essential oils when it comes to treating insomnia? If you often struggle to relax and fall asleep, then it’s definitely worth giving them a try. However, if you’ve never used essential oils before then you might be feeling a bit clueless about what you’re actually meant to do with them.

Don’t worry – getting started with essential oils isn’t hard, and there are plenty of techniques which are perfect for bedtime. Grab a bottle of your favorite essential oil and get ready for a great night’s sleep. If you’re not sure which oil to use, lavender is a great starter that’s proven to help with sleep.

1. Add to Your Bath

Do you like to relax in the bath before bed? Adding a few drops of essential oil to your usual bath is a great way to get started with aromatherapy. The oil will mingle with the steam which is released into the air, giving you all the benefits you’d get from inhaling essential oil, combined with a lovely warm bath. If you don’t want to purchase actual essential oils yet, look for bath bombs or bubble bath mixtures that contain lavender.

2. Use a Diffuser in Your Room

Turning your bedroom into a soothing sleep sanctuary is essential if you want to get high-quality rest. Using an oil diffuser is an easy way to fill your entire room with a pleasant scent and benefit from the powers of essential oils. All you’ll need to do is add a few drops of oil to your diffuser, usually diluted with water. The oil will be released into the air, filling your room with a powerful, sleep-inducing scent. Diffusers are a nice alternative to scented candles since there’s no fire risk. They can also increase the humidity of your room, which is helpful if the air is too dry.

3. Drop Onto Your Pillow

There’s nothing simpler than dropping a little essential oil onto your pillow before bed, then enjoying the scent as you fall asleep. Most essential oils come in bottles with built-in droppers, so you won’t need to worry about accidentally applying too much. If you find that the scent is too overwhelming, you could use a carrier oil to dilute your essential oil, or use the oil on a pillow that isn’t in direct contact with your head. You could also apply oil in the morning, giving the scent time to fade a little before you go to bed.

4. Spray Around Your Bed

Many essential oils are available in spray form – and it’s easy to make your own sprays by mixing your chosen oils with water, and pouring into a spray bottle. Spraying your bed with a mixture like this is a nice way to subtly scent your entire bed. The spray can also be used as an air freshener around your bedroom, making it an affordable alternative to an oil diffuser. It’s easy to grab a spray anytime you’re struggling to relax, and it’s something you can take with you if you travel often.

5. Apply To Your Body

Applying essential oils directly to your body is an excellent way to see tons of benefits, and it’s also a nice process to add to your bedtime routine. You could add a few drops of oil to your wrists and neck, similar to the way you’d apply perfume. You can also purchase roll-on sleep products which contain blends of essential oils and are easy to travel with. Many creams, lotions, and moisturizers also contain essential oils, making them perfect for bedtime use.

Essential oils are a great tool to add to your bedtime routine. There are lots of different ways to use them – from adding a few drops to your bath to creating your own bedtime spray. Experiment with the methods above and see what works best for you.