6 Ways the NCPHP Helps Put Healthcare Professionals On the Road to Mental Health or Addiction Recovery

The North Carolina Physicians Health Program is an organization that evaluates, refers, and supports medical professionals in cases of substance addiction, mental health issues, and more. It is a group of medical peers that specializes in assisting you to access the program you need for complete recovery.

An Organization Showing Compassion

The NCPHP is an organization of fellow medical professionals that come together with the understanding of the high demands and stress that are common to the medical profession. Depression, anxiety, drug, or alcohol addiction can happen in the lives of anyone. Medical professionals are not exempt from personal lives, feelings, and the risk of addiction.

Substance Addiction and Mental Health Diagnosis

An experienced staff of dedicated medical professionals can take the time to evaluate and diagnose a suspected mental health issue, or addiction to alcohol or drugs. Getting a qualified assessment is the first step in taking care of the problem.

Referral for Mental Health or Addiction Treatment Services

Once it is determined that you are in need of mental health or addiction treatment, the right referrals can be made that will open the avenues for needed help. Utilizing the NCPHP and NC Physicians Health Program website will demonstrate all of the assistance available through this network of experts in the field of healing and recovery.

Treatment Monitoring for Success

You will never have to feel you are alone during and after the treatment process. The NCPHP will monitor your progress throughout treatment and follow-up to make sure you are getting the ongoing services needed for complete recovery.

Ongoing Support and Education

The NCPHP is filled with peers in the medical field that understand how hard it is for those experiencing mental health issues or addictions to come forward and seek help. You will find yourself surrounded by understanding and supportive professionals that are rooting for your continued success. It allows for an educational experience to anyone seeking life changes or in learning to identify when these types of problems are happening to your fellow medical associates.

Setting Goals of Returning to the Field of Practice

Experincing a problem with addiction or mental health issues is not a career-ending event. The goal is to help you get the treatment needed to return to the medical field and move forward in life.

Having the ability to seek help through like-minded peers in the medical profession is priceless for anyone suffering from addiction or mental health troubles. The NCPHP puts all of the needed information in your hands to get on track to full recovery.

Photo by Benjamin Parker on Unsplash