If you’re stressed out, It’s good to know that there are tools available that will help you reduce your stress naturally, without the help of prescription drugs. Here are some natural stress reducers you can use.

1. Meditation

Meditating on a regular basis is quite normal and studies have shown that it is very helpful in reducing your stress levels as well as often helping to reduce your blood pressure.

You can join a local meditation class, use a guided meditation MP3 or one of the modern meditations which are combined with binaural beats to take you into a deep meditative state with no effort on your part.

2. Eat Your Stress Away

Nutrition is important. A proper diet will go a long way to reducing your stress levels. Often when we are stressed we eat junk food to comfort ourselves.

Be careful of your diet, drink plenty of water, cut back on the caffeine and alcohol. All these will go a long way to helping your body naturally, reducing the stresses and strains it has to deal with.

3. Get some exercise

Sure, you’re busy. You haven’t got time to spend hours in the gym. But you don’t need to unless you want to. You can get exercise by walking more or maybe going for a swim once or twice a week.

It’s important that you give your body regular exercise- powerful “happiness” drugs start getting created by your body. These endorphins are produced by your body and will help you to feel happier completely naturally. Just by exercising!

4. Get a good night’s sleep

Quite often when we’re stressed, we’ll literally lie awake at night worrying.

It’s important to get enough sleep as this is the time your body uses to repair and renovate itself. Don’t use alcohol as a night cap – this actually makes your sleep patterns worse.

Instead, adjust your habits so that you give yourself time to unwind before you go to bed. Don’t stay up too late reading those business reports. Taking a long, relaxing bath before you go to bed is one way to naturally encourage your body to go to sleep.

5. Change your routine

If certain things are stressing you out, consider changing your routine to lessen their impact. For instance, if your work place offers you a range of times to start work, adjust your daily commute so that you miss the worst of the traffic.

If one of your co-workers constantly stresses you out, talk to your boss to see whether you can be split away from them or explore other ways to reduce the tension between you.

6. Take a vacation

Even a weekend away will help. They say a change is as good as a break and a couple days away from your regular routine could make all the difference.

Taking a short break will allow you time to recharge yourself and let the stress drain away.

7. Get a hobby

Hobbies are a good way to change the direction your mind takes. Whether your hobby is an art, a craft or even just playing your favorite video games. Feel free to indulge yourself.