There are many physicians who believe that those suffering from depression can benefit from keeping a daily journal.

A daily journal kept by those suffering with depression is thought to be helpful to work through the range of feelings experienced by those suffering with depression. This is particularly beneficial if you are suffering with depression and you have begun a new medication.

Your physician can review your journal and the new medication you started and compare your feelings and the effects of the new medication. A daily journal for those suffering with depression is a great idea for your physician to be able to look at and see exactly what was going on as opposed to you trying to recall from memory.

So not only is a daily journal and helpful for your physician to be able to see how your medications are working but you can also use the daily journal to be able to work through some of the feelings that you are experiencing.

Even though you may go to regular counseling sessions you may not always feel completely comfortable telling your counselor everything that you are truly experiencing. This is where a daily journal can become helpful.

This is especially true if you have just changed counselors because you must build up trust before you feel comfortable opening up completely. The journal allows for you to get out your thoughts and frustrations that have been left unsaid.

You might also find this helpful whenever you choose to attend group sessions. A daily journal could become helpful because it helps you to remember after a group session when you take the time to review your daily journal that you’re not alone. A daily journal may be a confidence builder when you are suffering from depression. It can truly help you not feel so alone.

The daily journal can also serve many other purposes. It may be a helpful tool for you to look back on especially after you have come through some of the darker periods of depression. The journal can help you to remember that you have survived some tough things and you have come out on the other side. Again it can be a great confidence builder.

A daily journal for depression is a great idea. Not only can it help you to keep up with your feelings when ever you change medications or even therapist, it can also help you to be able to look back and see that you have come through dark times and you have survived. So if you are suffering from depression perhaps you might consider keeping a daily journal.

Why not give it a shot and see if it helps you in the long run. Here’s to brighter days ahead.

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