Mental Health Matters was founded to supply information and resources to mental health consumers, professionals, students, and supporters. While the percentage of people facing challenges in their mental health is large, the resources available are often confusing and often times not evidence based. Our library of articles are determined by evidence-based research and peer reviewed scholarly articles while being written/reviewed by healthcare professionals and industry experts in a way that is understandable and accurate.

Mental Health Matters has been an online resource for mental health for 20+ years. We continue to produce original content and update existing articles all based on publications of new evidence-based research.

Mental Health Matters is owned and operated by Athen Media LLC.

Medical Review Board

Rachael Grantham, PsyD, is Licensed Clinical Psychologist that specializes in eating disorders, anxiety, body image, and depression. Her clinical experience ranges from a variety of settings, including inpatient / outpatient, public health, hospital, and private practice.

Raymond Branton, PsyD, is the founder and Clinical Director for Professional Counseling Associates, LLC. Dr. Branton is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist that specializes in marital counseling, family systems, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma. Dr. Branton is also a preferred forensic provider for Superior Court, Family Court division in Arizona.  

Ryan House, MA, Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology. Ryan specializes in the child and adolescent population with clinical training in a variety of mental health issues including: borderline personality, anxiety, obsessive / compulsive disorders, depression, substance abuse, addiction, and sleep disorders.

Writers and Policies

Mental Health Matters aims to serve as a trusted source for information to help you gain insight and make informed decisions for what is best you. Our team of reviewers and writers are experts in their areas who provide detailed and understandable information on mental disorders, psychology, and mindfulness, all determined by evidence-based research and peer reviewed scholarly articles.

Articles are written and reviewed by mental health professionals. Additionally, existing articles are routinely updated to ensure the content is most accurately represents the most current evidence-based research.


Mental Health Matters main purpose is to provide a structured source of information about mental health issues. To this end, Mental Health Matters strives to offer detailed yet easily understood technical briefs on a variety of disorders, issues, symptoms, treatment modes, and medications. With this information, we hope to educate consumers and guide them towards intelligent decisions in their pursuit of Mental Health.


Friends and family members of those with Mental Illness will be able to explore the site and gain insight into the difficulties their loved ones face. Information about how they can help is a key feature of the site.


Mental Health Matters also provides information for students to continue their education about Mental Health issues, providing them with access to their peers and anonymous consumers for the exchange of ideas and information. Our primary goal in dealing with those studying Mental Health is to provide real experience about the population they will be treating and assist them in becoming competent professionals. This will hopefully help to improve the quality of care available. The ability for students to post papers will also help them educate others on the site, and gain exposure.


The professional market will find a wealth of knowledge on the site from a variety of sources. Content provided from Consumers will provide a unique point of view and a better understanding of their patients. Other professionals will offer deeper insights into the topics and a chance to interact with peers from around the world.