You feel closed in, paralyzed, anxiety ridden, depressed and as much as you don’t want to feel this way, you can’t seem to feel any other way.

The more you fight it, the worse it seems to get. Interfering with your relationships, work, enjoyment of life, until you aren’t enjoying anything anymore. After too long, you are too tired to fight any longer.And that is a dangerous point at which to arrive.

Attacking anxiety and depression need not be something you do alone. There are professionals available to assist you in this battle and medications to help you overcome the really tough spots.

There are people to help you cope when you cannot seem to find the skills to cope yourself. In your war, attacking anxiety and depression, enlist the aid of professionals, friends and family.

Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Any illness affecting one member of the family, affects the entire family. Though, it may not seem so, your family suffers when you suffer. Therefore, family members are often your strongest ally in attacking anxiety and depression.

Compassion and patience are one of the best virtues a mother has.

No matter what your age is, your mother can always give you the same warm hug she gave you after a vaccination shot or when your favorite toy broke. A mother’s reassurance comes from deep within and is often a safe haven when feeling low or scared.

Siblings have a lot of memories to share. Spending so much time together gives them a special insight into your personality.

When attacking anxiety and depression, your brothers or sisters may use memories of all the fun times you had as a tool to combat feelings of sadness and anxiety.

Coping with Stress – A Family Perspective

You can often be more effective than the most highly trained therapist, when attacking anxiety and depression in a family member.

Watching old home videos or going through old photographs, often brightens the mood and makes a depressed individual realize that having a loving family is one of the greatest treasures of all.

An anxious person often feels that he is facing his fears all by himself. Listening to his problems and giving him a shoulder to cry on, will help get rid of feelings of loneliness.

If you feel, his work is his stress factor, planning a fun activity day with the rest of the family is a great way to attack anxiety and depression.

In certain cases, you can focus on the problem and try to find a solution. Studies show that stress can be overcome by leading a healthy life.

Suggest going for a jog everyday or cook a delicious and healthy meal someday. These tips will help change a stressful lifestyle and give more time for you to spend with your family.

Faith also plays an important role in regaining the strength one requires to attack anxiety and depression. Strengthening their link with God, helps them trust in Him and believe that everything will be alright soon.

Anti depression and anti anxiety drugs are easier to take, but the prescription of encouragement, appreciation and unconditional love is far more effective, with the results being ever lasting.