Author: Avery Phillips

Hiding in the Woods Sounds Great: Or Does It?

It seems very nice to go hide out in the woods in a cabin with high-speed internet forever. But lonely living isn’t for everyone, and there are mental health repercussions to a completely isolated existence.

If you’re stuck on the idea of hiding away in the woods or are isolated by circumstance, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Loneliness can be deadly.

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Mental Health and Criminal Records: How to Move Forward

When people commit crimes, it is common in our society that they be sent to prison. Throughout history, prison has been a constant and reliable punishment for those who break the law. However, the question of crime and punishment far exceeds the confinements of any jail; although those who break the law deserve to undergo some type of punishment, and jail is by far one of the most humane types of punishment in our history, it is not without its repercussions.

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How Space Is Good for Mental Health

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by … well, everything? Maybe you’re feeling anxious and stressed on a frequent basis? When you’re constantly in “go” mode and you’re making commitments and chasing deadlines, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. But this mindset is a drain on your mental health. Sometimes, just getting away and making time for yourself is all you need to reset and feel better.

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