Being in control of your emotions is a challenge, from time to time, for everyone in life and especially for those diagnosed with a mental illness. Emotions are related to thoughts generated in the brain. Thoughts are energy. Emotional mastery life coaching with A.J. Mahari will teach you how to be your own brain mechanic.

Emotional mastery has its foundation in the principles of emerging new positive psychology. A brand of psychology that helps you to focus on your strengths first. In life coaching, the way that I apply positive psychology means that we take the pathologizing out of your experience, out of how you define yourself. People, with various forms of mental illness, often get caught up, subconsciously in negative, self-destructive, and very self-critical polarized thinking patterns.

Emotional mastery coaching combines raising awareness, focusing on your strengths, and finding a healthier emotional balance with cognitive skills and tools that will help you to be your own brain mechanic.

The process of learning to master your emotions is one that will help you create change psychologically, change in how think, change in how you feel, and for many, most importantly freedom from habitual patterns of negative thinking. Habitual patterns of negative thinking that are the foundation of so much of your emotional experience in life. These patterns are also at the heart of why you feel the way you feel. How you feel, whether you are aware of it or not, effects how you act or behave or struggle with what is situationally-inappropriate behavior the effects of which only cause you to be more emotionally distressed and dysregulated.

This journey of change through consciously seeking a greater awareness about the thought-feeling-action (or inaction) triad will create lasting physiological change in your brain – change all the way down to the level of your biology – your neuro-biology.

It is possible to change your neurobiology by learning tools and techniques that build more conscious awareness, practicing the skills I teach in my Emotional Mastery Coaching You can learn to be your own brain mechanic. You can learn how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. You can learn how to change negative energy into positive energy which can and does create new pathways in your brain.

Everything explored with the client in the life coaching process with me is multifaceted and eclectic. Tailored to each individual client my emotional mastery coaching will teach you how to be your own brain mechanic. It will help you to get more in touch with what you are not only feeling, but what you are thinking. There are so many thoughts that you think, that are generated from your subconscious mind. Life coaching is such a dynamic vehicle and process for learning to become more aware of the thoughts that are behind how you feel.

You really can change your circumstances. You really can learn to empower yourself. You really can heal. You really can take this journey toward emotional mastery that will be one upon which you become more aware of what hurts and why it hurts. A journey where you learn to open to the choices that you are making from highly-charged emotion that is out of balance.

© A.J. Mahari, December 31, 2009