Let’s talk about beating, winning… conquering stress instead of just managing your stress with some simple and easy to implement personal techniques.

If stress is weighing heavily on you… many times it’s because you never take the time for yourself to decompress.

Yoga, Tai-Chi and other similar disciplines have been around and have been quite effective in relieving bottled up stress from within you body.

These techniques not only help relax your thoughts, but they also help you to get into shape… being out of shape is a very prominent contributing factor in building stress.

Even if these Far East disciplines aren’t your cup of tea, consider taking some classes or get some information on the art of meditation.

Meditation is very easy to learn, and has numerous benefits. Not only is this a great way to relax, it only takes but a few minutes a day for you to learn how to effectively drain the stress from your body.

Learning the art of meditation and focus will help your mind move away from that which is causing your stress and teach you how to relax and stay relaxed.

Even something as simple as engaging in deep breathing exercises can be an excellent step in the right stress reduction direction.

Lessening the symptoms of stress is the first step in permanently curing the effects of stress on your both physically and mentally.

Be sure to check your eating habits as well. Healthy eating habits can be very helpful in reducing how your body reacts to the daily grind and stresses.

Do some research on diet and foods that help to raise the level of serotonin levels in your body.

Be mindful that there are a lot ‘pills’ on the market that claim to do this; but are in fact quite worthless… so keep your focus on the foods you eat and your diet.

As far as drugs and stress are concerned, there are some mild drugs such as sleeping aids that can assist you in getting a good night’s sleep and be helpful on occasion.

The risk with this approach is that you at the least become ‘immune’ to the helpful effects… or worse… you develop a dependency on them… not so much in a narcotic sense but that you’ll get into a habit of ‘having’ to take them.

Other techniques such as aroma therapy or mood music have also proved helpful for many. These two techniques are basically the root of meditation in which you just take time to relax and change your focus from the stress agent.

If these techniques work for you, then by all means they are worth using and certainly can no harm.

And finally, if I haven’t hit upon anything yet that you think will help pull that stress from your body… go get a good massage.

Many times an underlying contributor to your stress can be muscular tension and soreness. Combine a massage in conjunction with some relaxing music and you may just find that this is the ticket.

No matter what stress reduction program you implement, the key is to consistently give yourself the time of day for a stress break… a focus change… a mental vacation.

If you do this, you’ll soon find that you’ll get better and more efficient at your stress breaks and you’ll be able to more naturally relieve your stress.