Fear, worry and anxiety are the signals from our mind asking us to take action against an adverse situation or a danger. This danger can be of any type; threat to our physical or emotional well being, not doing well in a test, losing a job or losing a friend or even a close companion.

But when these normal traits of human mind begin to affect our life negatively, then it becomes a disorder. Excessive worry or anxiety cause a lot of stress on our minds and bodies, and even affect our health.

There are ways to overcome or deal with your fear, worry and anxiety. All you have to do is involve yourself in self-examination and action:

• Ask yourself: “What is worrying me?” Write down the reasons of your worry. Sometimes you may not be able to find out the exact reason, in this case talk to a close friend or a person whom you trust, who will be able to help you in sorting out your worries.

• After sorting out the problems, find out which part of the problem is under your control. Does the problem have real threat? Or you are blowing out the issue?

• If the problem is just a hypothetical situation or a worst-case scenario, figure out the possibility that your fears will actually come as final result.

• Next step is to come up with a plan to solve that part of the problem which is under your control. This way you will be able to channel nervous energy and provide reassurance against your fears. Taking the responsibility to solve a problem is the best way to help yourself in worry and anxiety disorder.

• Once you are done with all you could do to solve the problem, just let it go. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but with practice, you can learn to accept the reality and letting go of excessive levels of worry and anxiety.

• Now it’s time to try some stress management strategies that can help you feel at peace with the environment you are in. Some of these strategies are Prayer or meditation, writing down your feelings, listening to music.
After the following ways of self assessment and self-help, if you still find yourself concerned about certain things in your life, then seek the help of a professional. It would depend on how severe is your worry and how badly is it affecting your life and your health.

There is no reason that one should lose hope. Keep the faith on yourself that you can defy all obstacles which comes in the way towards happiness. There are treatments available which combines medicines like xanax and cognitive behavioral therapy which has been proved very successful in controlling stress and anxiety and panic disorder. You just need to look beyond your worries, and take the first step. So, take your first step today!

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