During the work week, you might encounter all sorts of different stressors. Such anxieties can lead someone down the path of addiction. Making sure your loved ones do not become overwhelmed could be one of the best deeds you do during National Recovery Month. Nothing is straightforward in today’s world. You may have big projects or evaluations that might be weighing on your mind. Even after work, you still need to complete the other functions of your day. This might be anything from running errands to having a social life. Functioning successfully could depend on your ability to manage different anxieties, and it might not be easy for you to decompress.

Looking for a way to relieve your daily stress can help you get through life. Cinema has always been one of the greatest forms of art, and it may be able to distract your mind from the problems of your daily life. It could transport you into another world with completely different and new characters. Movies can serve as a new form of therapy for you because they might:

1.) Relieve stress. If you a stressed, watching a movie could relieve tension. You might find watching a movie set in the Caribbean relaxing because it gives you the whole experience of living the island life without actually being there. You won’t be at any of the luxury drug rehabs because you drank too much rum on the island. The calming sight of sunshine, palm trees, and the ocean can produce a sense of serenity in your mind and distract you from your worries.

2.) Transport you to another world. The world of film is often very different from the real world. Some movies are futuristic and have advanced technological innovations. Others are set in the past instead of our current technology-based digital age. Viewing another world with different places and people can be enchanting and allow you to forget deadlines, reports, or customers.

3.) Allow you to live someone else’s life. Movies allow viewers to follow the adventures of other characters. This can allow you to be concerned with a character’s life rather than your own. On some levels, you might relate to the onscreen characters, but often times, people go to Adam Sandler or Owen Wilson comedies or other films because the films feature characters and situations very different than real-life people and situations. Movies can offer escapist entertainment at its finest.

4.) Help you solve your problems. While you may be watching a movie to forget about your problems, other films might address the very issues you are facing. Some films, even comedies, can help you to figure out a situation in your life. They might assist you in avoiding going to luxury drug rehabs. Some film screenwriters include characteristics about real-life people or situations in their films. For example, some characters might say certain things during a difficult conversation that you can use in your own complicated discussions. It may give you comfort to know you watched a film that might help you solve your problems.

These tactics might depend on what films you watch, though. In fact, some films, such as horror films or some dramas, could create a great deal of stress instead of relieving it. If you do not wish to relive difficult points in your life, you might wish to avoid certain dramas and definitely horror movies as well. Other people might find those movies good ways to forget about their own lives and get wrapped up in the drama of other people for a change. Taking the opportunity to live new lives with new characters as your friends could be a good tool to relieve anxiety or stress. During National Recovery Month, helping to protect someone from the perils of addiction as they experience different difficulties within life might be the action taken that saves someone’s life.

Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash and Screen Capture from Forrest Gump