Those dealing with depression often assume their problem is one of personal weakness and may try to will themselves out of their condition. These efforts, inevitably, are doomed to fail. Depression is a very real medical condition and is not a simple matter of willpower. One cannot think depression away. Of course, this does not mean that one is at the mercy of the disease, medical professionals or pharmaceuticals. There are a number of things individuals suffering from depression can do to improve their well-being. This chapter will outline some popular self-help methods.

Treatment Strategy

It should be mentioned that these techniques are not a substitute for other treatments conducted under the care of a medical professional. In fact, though these strategies can be a perfect compliment to other treatments, anyone who has been diagnosed with depression and is currently under a physicians care or supervision should always consult with their doctor before taking on any new self-help strategy. Those who may be depressed should consult with a professional and should not assume these strategies will solve their problems without other interventions.

Popular Self-Help Strategies

Goal Setting

By setting reachable goals and developing a plan of action to accomplish them, one can often overcome some of the paralysis caused by depression. Doing this also requires and ability to accept personal responsibility that can aid in recovery.

Component Approach

By taking larger tasks and breaking them down into smaller elements, one can often accomplish more than they might think while depressed. Full projects may seem insurmountable, but when they are made into a series of smaller steps, they can get done.

Stay Connected

People suffering from depression often do much better when they are with others and are engaged. This can help prevent a spiral into negative thinking and can provide an opportunity for discussion and the kind of friendliness that acts as a reminder that there is a light at the tunnels end. Depressed individuals should allow others to help them when feasible.

Lowered Expectations

Those suffering from depression must often make the difficult decision to lower their expectations in the short run. It is often not possible for the depressed to accomplish what they would like and they must recognize that their symptoms and disease may prevent them from operating at peak efficiency. Realizing this can relieve some self-imposed pressure.

Staying Active

Going to events and happenings, exercising mildly and other activities can help. They work to restore a sense of normalcy to ones life while simultaneously keeping the mind positively engaged and active.

Positive Thinking Strategies

This category encapsulates a variety of different ways to approach ones thinking and outlook on life. These strategies, including the Release Method outlined in this ebook can greatly assist many people in dealing with depression-related problems. Although these strategies do not constitute a cure for depression, they can be valuable in managing its symptoms and in developing healthy thinking habits that can produce real benefits throughout recovery.

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