When do problems become too difficult for you to handle alone? When problems are overwhelming, how do you know if you need professional help?

Trust Your Feelings

If you feel that you need professional help, you probably do.

Look For Warning Signs

You probably want to consider finding help if any of these symptoms becomes frequent or lasts for several weeks. Do you (or your friend or loved one):

  • Feel generally unhappy?
  • Feel life is out of control?
  • Find yourself unable to make decisions?
  • Feel “stuck” or “trapped?”
  • Feel very lonely?
  • Feel anxious and don’t know why?
  • Cry easily and frequently?
  • Find everything boring?
  • Find yourself unable to do your job or schoolwork?
  • “Blow up” at others with little provocation?
  • Find your relationships unsatisfying?
  • Gain no pleasure from sex (if you are sexually active)?
  • Worry about your sexual orientation?
  • Have trouble sleeping at night, wake frequently or want to sleep all the time?
  • Withdraw from people?
  • Continue to grieve over the loss of someone important to you?
  • Eat, drink alcohol, smoke, gamble or spend money excessively?
  • Abuse drugs (drugs that are either legal or illegal)?
  • Fear that you are going to abuse your child or spouse?
  • Have sexual fantasies about your child or other children?
  • Think about suicide?
  • Experience big weight loss or gain?
  • Experience radical changes in behavior or mood?
  • No longer find pleasure in activities previously found pleasurable?