Depression is a serious condition that can have a massive negative effect on the depression sufferer and their family and friends.

However, with today’s available treatments and the growing understanding of the causes for this condition the chances to beat depression are very good indeed.

In order to beat depression various different factors need to be accounted for and a set of multiple activities needs to be pursued.

To beat depression is the foremost aim of anyone suffering directly or indirectly from the effects of this serious mood disorder.

While to the depressed patient it may at least at the onset of the disease seem that his condition can hardly be alleviated the chances to beat depression are actually very good.

There are various established means that can be utilized to beat depression such as:

  • Pursuing a healthy lifestyle consisting of a regular diet of high nutritional value, fresh air and sports such as walking or jogging.
  • Taking certain supplements such as vitamins, minerals and fish oils.
  • Getting sufficient sleep and relaxation.
  • Avoiding stress at home and at work and also decreasing ones workload and exposure to work- and social pressure.
  • Working on increasing ones self-confidence
  • Utilizing meditation techniques
  • Forcing oneself to spend some fun time with friends and family
  • Avoiding meeting with people that are pessimistic or tend to load off their problems on someone else.
  • Starting a talk therapy with a psychotherapist
  • Getting medicinal treatment through a medical professional

Especially for major depression and other more serious forms of depression medicinal treatment is a must. However, mild forms of depression may be treatable without or at least with just a limited dose of depression drugs.

In such cases it may also be feasible to use alternative depression treatments such as St John´s wort. In any case depression medication is not to be seen as a treatment on its own.

On the contrary, all other activities listed above are highly important to beat depression and while no single one of them is able to beat depression on its own, a combination of them, including proper medication, is a powerful means to beat depression over time and to help the depression sufferer to get her life back.


Depression, while being a serious mental disorder, is absolutely treatable and, over the past decades, has lost much of its potential to devastate the lives of depressed individuals and their relatives and friends.

Today there is a relatively good understanding of this disease and it is perfectly feasible to beat depression.

In order to do so the pursuit of multiple interlinked actions ranging from medicinal depression treatment to a substantial change in life style can be pursued.

If you have been diagnosed as depressed there is absolutely no need to despair. Rather, you should really start acting now, and implementing the activities mentioned.

Your chances to beat depression and to enjoy your life once again are better than ever.