How to Teach Your Kids to Stay Away From Weapons

Close to one-third of US Households own guns. Whether you have a gun at home or not, it is paramount to teach your kids firearm safety. You never know when they will come across a gun. Guns pose a potential danger to kids.

In the US, there are so many cases of gun violence among the youths. This is why parents should take the responsibility of teaching their kids how to stay away from weapons to avoid accidental gun fires. I will take you through some important tips on how to teach your kids to stay away from weapons. If you would also love to learn more about gun safety, you can read more articles from

Talk to your kids about basic rules

Children are curious at one point or the other, they will come across a firearm in your house or a friend’s house. If your kids have the right information on how to stay away from firearms, they will be in a position to take the right steps when they find a gun. Teach your kids the basic rules they need to follow when they come across a gun. Tell them that when they come across a gun, they should not touch it and they should tell you or any grown up around. The following are some rules you should teach your kids:

  • They should stop what they are doing when they see a gun
  • They should not touch the gun
  • Leave the area where they find the gun
  • Tell an adult immediately


Role-playing is important when you are teaching your kids how to stay away from guns. Come up with scenarios to role play and let your child practice what they need to do when they come across guns. Teach them to run away when they find a gun. By doing this, your kids can remember what you taught them in actual scenarios where they find a gun.

It doesn’t matter how “Stupid” your kids can find role playing, you have to do it especially if you have twins. Encourage peer pressure in the scenarios. Role play and tell them to pick the gun, the peer pressure should be real when role-playing. When your teen practices, they will have an upper hand when faced with a real-life situation concerning guns.

Always ask about unsecured guns

Kids will visit their friend at homes. If the parents have unsecured guns, the chances of your kids coming across a gun are high. Before your kids visit their friends, it is important if you find out whether the parents have firearms. You can inquire how they store their guns and if you are not comfortable, you can allow their friend to come to your place instead. This minimizes chances of your kids accessing unsecured firearms at a friend’s house.

Let your kids know the difference between a real weapon and gun toy

Kids love toys that look like the real things. It could be a car, knife or a gun. It is great if you teach your child the difference between a real gun and a toy. Kids learn very fast and they will be in a position to know how to handle real guns and toys. Let them know how serious real guns are and the dangers they can pose if not handled with care. If you let them know the difference between a real gun and a toy, they will behave well when they come across unsecured weapons.

Another way to teach your kids good and bad gun habits is to buy them a BB gun. When you are going for hunting, let your child carry the gun unloaded and teach them to point the muzzle in a safe direction. After the trip, store it with your firearm so that it will act like you are treating it like a real gun. All these will equip your child with safe gun handling tips.

Test and retest your kid

As a parent, you want to be sure that your kids know exactly how to behave when they find guns. Testing and retesting is an effective strategy that works. You can place a fake firearm that resembles a real one somewhere in the house. The aim of doing this is to test what your kid will do when he/she comes across it when you are not around. The kid should tell you about the gun and you they do not, keep practicing until they are well trained.

Do not forbid guns

If you have little boys, they might be interested in guns because they find them amazing. When you keep your guns forbidden, this only raises their curiosity. If you have a gun at home, allow your kids to handle it with your permission and supervision at home. Teach them to check whether the magazine and chamber are empty. Show them how to point a gun in a safe direction. by doing this, your kids will learn all the essential gun handling tips.

Spend time with your kids at the range

It is a great idea for parents to take their kids for shooting. This will improve their gun handling tips. Insist on wearing the right eye and ear protection, and you be a good example by having them too. When you are in the range, also teach your kids and insist on pointing the muzzle up or down.

Teach kids to act in a safe and responsible manner near guns

Many children are brought up in families where they have weapons. Many families practice hunting so finding guns around the house is a common thing. If you have a gun at home, it is important if you teach your kid to behave in a responsible manner whenever they are near it. You can ensure a safe place for your family by observing the following things:

  • Do not store the gun with ammunition
  • Lock the guns to keep out of reach of kids
  • Always lock the ammunition and store it separately from the gun
  • Do not leave the gun unattended
  • Lock gun cleaning supplies because they are poisonous

Lead by example

You cannot preach water and then drink wine. You need to lead by example so that your kids can emulate you. After all, the whole point of teaching your kids gun safety will be useless if you cannot follow the rules yourself. Remember, you are trying to instill important gun safety habits to your kids, lead by action and they will follow. You also need to handle your gun with safety. Kids will watch what you do.

Final Words

Guns are very important at home for self-defense. How do you ensure that you keep firearms safe with kids in the house? According to statistics, there are also 3,385 firearm-related deaths for children from the age of 0 to 9 years. The firearm deaths can be unintentional, suicidal, homicides and much more. To prevent all these deaths from taking place, it is important to ensure that you teach your kids gun safety tips at home. This is important for every parent regardless of whether you have a gun at home or not. If you follow the above tips, then you can be sure that your kids will follow the right approach when they find a gun.

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