Yoga has long been recognized as a form of relaxation as well as a way of connecting with the inner self. This type of enlightenment traces its roots back many centuries to India. There are in fact lots of different styles of yoga which are not just limited to actions and movement.

Yoga encompasses aspects of meditation and thought as well. Therefore it is no surprise that lots of parents who have faith in and who practice yoga often convince their children to participate in yoga with them.

These days there are plenty of yoga centers that offer kids yoga lessons. Kids yoga is comparable to the yoga of their older peers except it is only paced a little slower.

Some people may have reservations about whether or not yoga for children would even be of any benefit to them, however it would seem that parents who enjoy the many benefits of yoga in their own lives claim that there are indeed benefits, both mentally and physically from teaching kids yoga.

Study Results From Kids Yoga

Many studies have been conducted in regards to teaching kids yoga and the effects it has on them. Thus far, researchers have observed more than one result as to the effects that teaching kids yoga has at an early age.

The outcome of various studies have not been conclusive given that these studies differed somewhat, and were often times targeted more on a single specific mood of the child. Also, a number of other loopholes were apparent within several of the studies because of limited time requirements.

Varying yoga devotees speculated that the research required a longer time span as well as additional yoga sessions to experience a more realistic effect.

Regardless of the fact that the ultimate goal is still inconclusive there is still a lot of valuable information to be learned from the studies. There was an increase in the children’s flexibility following many lessons of kids yoga.

In addition, a number of kids who were anxious prior to starting a yoga session left feeling much better or less anxious. Also, some children’s view of self worth was improved, although this was not as profound as some people might anticipate.

Some experts hypothesized that the outcome emerged this way because when kids are younger they experience less stress and do not usually seek enlightenment in their lives.

Some experts suggest that having them learn kids yoga might have been a production of futility, given that the majority of children are naturally flexible and limber at their tender age. In addition they are carefree enough to not be tormented by the daily difficulties that we as adults find so stressful.

Needless to say, because the kids yoga research just encompassed a minor collection of female children only, quite a bit of doubt was placed upon whether or not the findings were inconclusive or whether or not they were even dependable.

The size, or number of children in the control group was suggested to be too few.

Similarly, many other experts have attempted to study kids with different conditions and the effect that kids yoga might have on them. However more studies need to be conducted for this information to become helpful.

Whether or not these theories hold merit, the people who are devoted to yoga continue to have confidence that there are indeed benefits to teaching kids yoga.

And of course, everyone should agree that teaching kids yoga could never result in any negative effects.