In a simple overview, charting is the ideal way to begin to see your signs and symptoms of relapse before you have fully entered into the main stages of the disease.

In order to chart, take a sheet of paper, and draw a large box. Divide it into one large column on the left, and 7 smaller columns on the right. Make as many rows as you would like to place signs to chart on. Some common signs that people chart on include: change in appetite, change in sleeping, irritability, etc. You can add any signs that you believe are indicators that change as you are beginning to slide into your full disease process.

Each day, starting in the first box, enter, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being no problems, 10 being the worst problems ever) how much problem you are having with that sign.

When you begin to see a pattern that your individual signs are beginning to rise from the low end of the spectrum higher up, it generally is indicative that you are beginning to slide into the disease process and it is time to talk to your doctor, therapist, or take whatever or action is necessary to deal with the disease.