My Reiki journey started before I even knew the term.

The journey, the path if you will, was unfolding in front of my wife and I even before we were aware of the powerful healing that lay ahead. Healing that we had no idea could even occur at our point in life.

My soul was reaching, searching; in large part due to several personal failings that I came to realize were destroying all that I had ever thought was precious, all I had held as my true values, all that I envisioned my true self to be.

It was a vision that had become jaded, verging on narcissism and my family was becoming the casualty. This awareness resulted in significant but needed turmoil.

My wife and I questioned if we were on the same path, a critical and painful analysis that thankfully revealed the first few steps of the one true path.

I have always said that before you start anything you must know where you are when you begin. Fortunately I started capturing my state of being over four years prior to my first Reiki attunement.

For those who are not familiar with Reiki other than how to spell it, relax, that will be covered shortly. All you need to realize at this point is that it is not the work of charlatans nor snake oil salesmen.

Reiki is perhaps the most powerful life experience you will ever have, no matter from where you have come, no matter to what you have been subjected.

The divine energy is just that and you are already immersed in it, you have just not been attuned to it. Hence the term Reiki “attunement”, hey, I get it now!

The energy cannot be avoided and it cannot be shielded, it is already there. Reiki simply makes you aware of its beautiful presence.

I would like to add that a large part of my growing understanding and acceptance is due to being able to share the journey with my wife. In fact she is a large part of what turned my cynicism into belief. Yet what anchored the belief were the numerous personal experiences which cannot be denied.

While an inner circle is important for support and growth it is you who will experience the emotions and the change in your paradigms.

Just as it is you who must work through, cast off or heal and embrace the layers of your life.

Simply being at a point where I can share these thoughts will attest the power of the divine energy and Reiki.

With the help of Suzan Lupejkis, my Reiki Master and the founder of your Healing Space, I have faced my demons and I have slain them, or at least dealt a mortal wound.

Whether created through my own intent, passed down through the generations, or propelled through prior life energies, my war has been won.

The only intent of this work will then be to reach out to others who may find themselves on a parallel or similar destructive path. It is not to offer bible thumping salvation, but an opportunity to be true to yourself and your life potential.

For those who may be curious but concerned that they will lose some positive elements, some edge or some part of their being, as I feared would happen to me, it is simply not the case.

The only thing you will lose is the mental and physical baggage that has been deposited over the years, either by yourself or more likely by others, that has held you back from your true being, and your true potential.

For those who think I have lost it I will accept that, since I had similar thoughts. If I indeed have lost it all I have to say is “aquí es la vida loca!”

Now back to the beginning.

With my first ever publication, I’m OK, You’re Not, A Journey in Personal Discovery, coupled with the many articles that I have shared, and perhaps more importantly the ones that I have not shared, I have a large body of documentation as to my state of being before and during my transition.

I’m OK, You’re Not was a scream for sanity, a grappling with a current state of reality and more importantly the start of the healing process.

The journal notes that led to the audio book all coalesced to portray to me, not anyone else, my current direction.

A major under taking to be sure, but worth every one of the countless hours it took to produce. While it will serve as an excellent journey guide for others, as that was the books intent, close friends have pointed out that I wrote the book primarily for myself, lucky me.

It allowed me to grow to the point where I could take the next step in my journey, and be able to embrace a whole family’s healing. Perhaps most importantly it allowed me to evaluate my perceptions, my views and my beliefs of the world.

Much is still relevant, but the title in and of itself, placed blame on others, when in fact it was my own weakness that precipitated many of the realities that were explored.

I say realities because indeed they are an unavoidably wonderful element of being human.

I am quickly coming to find that what I initially felt where insurmountable hurtles have been baby steps up to now and no doubt why many fall off their path.

The perception may be that the journey to healing is too difficult, too demanding, much like changing careers, quitting smoking or saving a marriage.

In reality they pale in comparison and just the opposite is true, not taking the first step, not learning, not growing, results in compounding difficulties that may ultimately spin out of control within yourself or those around you.

Rest assured you will fall off the path occasionally, but to lose your way allows you to better appreciate the splendor of finding it.

Along the path chaos turns to calm, fear and worry turn in to strength and self-confidence. But perhaps the most phenomenal discovery is the awareness of the energy that surrounds us all.

This energy has no thought; it has no intent, and no judgment. You find that judgment, as with the answers to your problems, come from within.

I have come to realize that Reiki allows you to embrace and accept the universal truths. Worries that used to dominate your every waking moment fall away and are replaced with a quiet confidence that everything will work out, if you truly believe that it will.

The outside influences are still there, fighting to regain control, yet for each battle you now have an unbeatable weapon. Once you experience the energy, once you are attuned to it, belief is as simple as breathing.

Simply start here.
Just for Today
Don’t worry
Don’t get angry
Work hard
Be Grateful and
Be kind to others

By James D. Tippett