In what type of Narcissist is it worthwhile to invest emotionally?


This, obviously, is a matter of value judgement. Narcissism is a powerful force, akin to the psychological element in drug addiction. The narcissist is sustained by ever increasing amounts of Narcissistic Supply. Adoration, approval and the maintenance of an audience of fans – are the nourishment without which the narcissist shrivels. Depending on how talented the narcissist is, Narcissistic Supply could be the by-product of real achievements. A narcissist will, usually, apply his skills and exploit his natural advantages where they would provide him with the highest narcissistic rewards. He will write books to gain public acclaim – not because he has something to say or because he cannot contain his emotions or his message, for instance. Still, narcissists are, mostly, gifted and, therefore, are able to contribute to society at large. They become artists, authors, political leaders, business leaders, or entertainers – in order to bask in the glow of the red eye of the public.

Some narcissists could be judged “worthy of sacrifice”. They benefit their community “more” than they harm it. Those nearest and dearest pay a price – which is deemed more than amply compensated for by the contributions of the narcissist to the well being of his fellow humans.