Here are 7 Ways To Feel Good About Your Life:

1. Ask yourself questions. Every time you feel frustrated with a task, ask yourself, “How does this task fit in with my ultimate goals?” “How can I make this more fun, easier, better, and faster?”

2. Be interested and curious about yourself and others. Curiosity is a learned art. Practice it by taking a new interest in “you”.

3. Accept your weakness. Everybody has one or two (yes, everybody!). Instead of spending your time and energy trying to “overcome” your weakness, make friends with it, and make it work for you. Find a friend who is strong in this area and ask them to assist you.

4. Don’t stop learning. The brain is a muscle just like any other, and it will stagnate if you let it. Make it your rule to learn something new every day. Then USE what you learn to make your life better.

5. Learn to appreciate what is good, right now. Please don’t miss out on what’s wonderful in your life right now, while you spend all your time peeking around the next corner. 6. Don’t live in the past. Let go of things that are draining you. There’s nothing there anymore that you can change or correct — that can only be done in the present. Use Today. Use the power of now.

7. Swim with the current. Don’t waste your time complaining about what you can’t control – like other people. Concentrate on what you CAN control, like who you hug, which bestseller you read, when you smile, how much you laugh, where you go, what you do, what you think about.