1) Listen to soft and relaxing music.

Listening to soft music is a stress relief tactic that you can use to relax yourself before you go to bed or even to calm yourself down. There are people who purchase alarm clocks with nature sounds or classical jazz. You can also purchase a compact disc like this with a variety of soothing sounds on it. While listening to the soothing sounds, you should focus on enjoying the moment and relaxing yourself. You will notice that when you are done with this method, your body will feel less tense and your mind will be clear. Many people love to use sounds such as a waterfall, chirping birds, or a wonderful rain shower.

2) Eat healthier and lose weight.

Not only is this one of the best stress relief methods, it is also very good for your body. The less extra body fat you have on your bones, the less stressful you will be. It is very obvious that the extra body tends to lower self esteem and produce stress. Many individuals who lose weight find that the stress level goes down and the self esteem gets a super boost of power. The big tip for this method is to choose physical activities that you love to do. A couple examples could be jogging, walking, and swimming.

It is especially smart to eat well balanced meals throughout the day. Most people make the mistake of eating one huge meal and then starving themselves the rest of the day. This is bad because your body will be starving by the time you go to bed. The best thing to do is to try and eat many fruits and vegetables with a few small meals during your eating times. Your body will stay satisfied and be able to burn a lot of the extra fat being stored in your body.

3) Get a soothing massage.

This method is often seen as a way to just relieve physical discomfort. Massage therapy is an excellent way to relax your mind too. Stress is one of the many serious reasons for stiff muscles and discomfort. A well trained therapist can loosen up the stressed muscles and help to relieve the pain. Another great thing with this method is that your mood will improve. The benefits of massage on your physical and mental health are so great that many insurance programs will actually cover the cost of a full massage.

4) Using visual metaphors.

Visualization allows you to remove yourself from reality for a short period of time, thus providing your body with rest and relaxation. To practice visualization, all you have to do is lie down in an open quiet spot. Get comfortable and close your eyes. Visualize a place that is filled with happiness and peace. Keep focused until you can literally sense all the elements of that area. Visualization will eliminate stress by reducing anxiety and calming your nerves.

5) Use deep breathing techniques.

The deep breathing technique has been used for many years as a means of reducing stress. This tends to work very well in any stressful situation. Become aware of how you are breathing in and out and make sure to deeply exhale. Try holding your breath for six seconds and then slowly release it. This stress relief method will help to slow your heart rate down and keep you as calm as possible.

The techniques in this article have been used for many years to help various individuals overcome stress. There are many more methods available online and elsewhere. Good luck and remember to stay relaxed.

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