Tackling PTSD With Non 12 Step Rehab Programs

According to WebMD, around 3.6 percent of the US adult population struggles with an affliction called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That accounts for around 5.2 million people across the country who battle this difficulty each day of their lives. An additional 7.8 million US citizens will deal with this challenge at some point in their adult life. While women are likelier to have this disorder, men are as likely to face such a struggle. For the former, it could be because of rape, abuse, or domestic violence they have faced during their lives. Men may come back from war and be unable to acclimate back to society.

Tackling PTSD With Non 12 Step Rehab Programs: A woman with PTSD withdrawing from the world.

Tackling PTSD With Non 12 Step Rehab Programs: A woman with PTSD withdrawing from the world.

Whatever the reason, PTSD can take effect and cause you to continue to feel on edge, have sleep difficulties, and experience disturbing memories again and again. Some people have these situations and it only goes on for a short period of time such as a couple of months. However, should these difficulties continue beyond three months, you may start to consider you have PTSD. If you have faced any sort of traumatic event, it has the potential to put you in such a predicament.

Unfortunately, some people may turn to substances to deal with this pain. The US Department of Veterans Affairs notes that over two of 10 veterans that struggle with PTSD also have a substance use disorder (SUD). The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) reports that one-quarter to three-quarters of people surviving violent or abusive traumatic experiences say they abuse alcohol while an additional one-tenth to one-third of those surviving illness, disaster, or an accident note they abuse alcohol with increased health pains or problems. Not only do women who are exposed to traumatic situations show an increased likelihood of alcohol abuse but both men and women reporting sexual abuse have a greater chance of substance abuse disorders generally than other men and women out there.

Non 12 step rehab programs could prove fruitful for those who have such disorders and difficulties. It might not be the easiest thing for them but treatment could help them if they are struggling with an addiction. Such a rehab program could help you through things such as group therapy and individualized counseling or through holistic treatments like meditation and yoga without the religion component. You might not believe in God if you had to go through a war zone and saw many horrors. It could have shaken your belief. You may be able to reduce your chances of getting PTSD and a substance abuse problem completely.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the following could be ways to prevent your darkest nightmares in life from ever taking shape:

1.) Finding a support group following a tragic event
2.) Having a positive strategy for coping
3.) Responding and acting appropriately despite fear
4.) Learning to feel good about one’s actions even with danger all around
5.) Seeking out family and friends for support

Much of life is not easy and the challenge continues to be able to confront life each day. There will be good days. At other points, there could be bad ones. You may require help from non 12 step rehab programs.You might have rough patches in your life you need to get through, which could be followed by much more positive times as the future comes forth. Working toward that positive future can provide the hope you need to move forward once more.

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