For many years I struggled with hidden blocks in being able to reach my life goals. I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back or why it was so difficult to succeed. I figured it had to be something outside myself. “It’s the way the world is right now,” I’d say, or perhaps “It’s because I’m a woman in a man’s world.”

I studied and used metaphysics, meditation, self-help books, counselors, friends and strangers to creatively dissolve obstacles. This helped build a lot of character and gave me poise and confidence and was all hard work.

One day my astrologer gave me a gift that had been given to her. It seemed almost too reasonable and easy compared to what I’d done in the past and if it wasn’t difficult, it must be too good to be true. So I put it on the shelf. The day came when I needed something easy and I dusted off the gift and used it.

The results of using this gift were miraculous, to say the least. Here’s the Gift:

  1. Every day for 7 days write “I, (fill in your name), forgive (fill in a person, place or thing) completely” 70 times. (For example: I, Jeannette, forgive Bob completely.)
  2. Every day for another 7 days write “I, (fill in your name), forgive myself completely” 70 times.
  3. At the end of 14 days, take all the paper you’ve generated and burn it while offering a little prayer like “I release this back to the Universe”. (I like to use an affirmation my Guru wrote “Seeds of past karma cannot germinate when roasted in the fires of wisdom.” That’s pretty long so something simple is just as good).

That’s it! That’s all there is.

Here’s what happened the first time I used the gift. My first “subject” was Mom. This is a pretty obvious choice for most of us. My Mom and I hadn’t been on very good speaking terms for a year or more. Although I didn’t “think” my difficulties had anything to do with her, I decided to clear this matter up as a distraction. Late in the evening of the third day after I finished writing the 70th “I, Jeannette, forgive my Mom completely,” the phone rang. It was Mom. I listened while she talked non-stop for exactly one hour about forgiveness and how important it was in her life. Then she said good-bye and hung up.

I was stunned. I hadn’t mentioned to anyone what I was doing or why. Thinking about this still brings tears to my eyes. I finished the next four nights and completed the second 7-day series of forgiving myself. The communications between my Mom and I were repaired. No gushing apologies or explanations were needed. We were simply harmonious again. I followed this up with Dad, Sister, and added places or things.

It wasn’t as “easy” as I thought. It only takes about 20 minutes each night, so the time investment is small; the effort to keep writing despite all the thoughts that plow though your mind is the challenge.

After many years of using this gift, (It’s usual for me to do at least one of these a month for something) I’ve learned that when I am having difficulty or about to start something new, doing a forgiveness for somebody or something that seems to be prominent at that moment, whether seemingly related or not, leads to earlier and quicker success.

I offer this Gift to you to use or throw away. It’s just a gift. No strings attached.

Try it! You’ll like it!