Due to the fact that stress can be experienced in different ways by different people it is hard to set a its simple definition. In short, stress is a negative condition which affects both our body and mind in a specific way. Still, we must remember that stress may have various causes and people have different resistance to it, so creating an exact definition is almost impossible.

When we feel that we are under too much pressure and we can’t function any longer it is possible that we are affected by the stress. In fact stress is present in our live from the moment of birth, but only high doses of it can be disastrous. It is well known truth that we can work faster and better when we are stressed, problems appears only when we are affected by it continuously or the level of the stress is to high for us.

One of the most common causes of the stress is our job, especially when we consider the fact that many people can’t stop thinking about their work problems even at home. Such situation leads to continuous increase of the level of stress and may end in mood swings or even depression.

Family life can be also stressful. Still, as long as we got good relationships with each other and are able to solve problems it the way that no one suffers, everything is in order. When family is based on the true partnership and no one has to deal with too much at one time, stress is easy to control. In other situation stress can lead even to divorce.

Stress can be also triggered by our own thoughts and needs. Still, as long as we are able to deal with them, such stress will rather help us make some changes in our life than be our enemy. Still, when we can’t or won’t control it, it may lead to disaster and affects our body and mind even more, causing various health problems.

Everyone who is stressed too much should get help from a person he or she can trust. It is especially important, for the stress is in fact easy to deal with as long as it is diagnosed early. There are many ways to control it and to defeat it, which can lead us to happy and healthy life. Still, to achieve success when dealing with the stress we must work hard and learn how to recognize the moment when we just exceeded our stress limits.