There are certain times in life when we all go through ups and downs in our mood due to some or the other reason. One of the usual phases brings on sadness which is a normal reaction to struggles, setbacks, and disappointments that one experiences.There are times when we may feel down in the dumps for a period of time, but gradually the period is often short and the painful feelings dissipate as we move on with our lives.

However, sometimes these feelings of sadness or feeling low don’t go away or if they are so intense that they get in the way with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep, and enjoy life. This is a time when you can conclude that you may be suffering from depression. Depression is state, which is sometimes very confusing. Many of us even do not realize they have a problem. It is the stage when one is not aware that there is something wrong with the way that they think and see things. It can be a very dangerous situation to be a part of. If you let the symptoms go unnoticed and do naught about them, you risk the result of something worse happening in your life.

With so much risk involved in letting go the symptoms of depressions unnoticed you will certainly want to be on your guard and think about what could happen if you miss the signs that are so important in depression. Usually, the symptoms might vary from person to person. The approach towards it is beneficial when you are aware of anything that is not normal.

Consider how you habitually act or if it is in someone else, think about the things that they usually do. If something is not adding together, you should ask questions and think about what may be going on.

The most common sign is related to the way a person eats. If you or some other person is not eating like they usually do,this may be a sign. A person with this problem can succumb to over or under eating and it can lead to major eating disorders. Another common sign is sleeping disorders. If a person is not getting sleep or sleeping too much, this can lead to this problem and hence is considered as a major sign of this.

Mood swings are certainly the most important symptoms to look out for if you are concerned about this problem. If you or a person concerned is acting differently or having trouble with mood swings, this can be considered as a stage of depression. If a change is evident in the usual behavior this can also be a sign.

It is important to figure out what is going on and figure out a reason that this type of mood is going on. There might be some reason why a person is having trouble with the way that they are acting. This may be the cause of the depression that is going on.

Another symptom that leads us to depression is having consistent aches and pains. In certain cases, one may have aches in body that are causing major problems with the way that one acts and do things in life. This means, if you have inexplicable pains in your body, you may have a problem with depression. This is a symptom that you need to be aware of so that you know if you are dealing with depression or not.