Bipolar Disease or as it is more commonly called Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder. This means that any causes or symptoms can lead to Bipolar Disease.

In Bipolar disease sufferers will experience bouts of serious depression and high mania. The disordered moods of the sufferer occur in cyclic patterns. Their moods will swing from an extremely high or euphoric mood with some irritation mixed in to being extremely sad and hopeless. Between these two poles of mood swings, the individual will feel completely normal. They will not show any signs that they are suffering from erratic moods.

However it is worth noting that these periods of normality occur only between bouts of erratic mood swings. This is a characteristic of Bipolar Disease. While we may view the person who has Bipolar Disorder as being somewhat crazy or mentally disturbed the symptoms of the disease are very severe and in many cases they can be life threatening. The individuals who are afflicted with Bipolar Disease find it disruptive and distressing to their lives.

As Bipolar Disease has affected many well known musicians, writers and artists the illness, and the effects the disease has on the lives of its sufferers has been trivialized. The reason being that there are so many creatively talented people who live with Bipolar Disease, that this illness is considered as beneficial to the creative mood. Therefore it is not regarded very seriously.

Bipolar Disease is a very serious mood disorder. It can affect about 1% of adults during their life. The symptoms usually begin to show during adolescence and early adulthood. They can reoccur throughout the person’s life. The deterioration of the quality of one’s life is that the effects of Bipolar Disease can include alcohol abuse, drug abuse, unemployment and marital break-ups.

The symptoms of Bipolar Disease include both the depression symptoms and the manic depression symptoms. The depression symptoms are sadness, low self esteem, lack of interest in daily life activities, excessive sleep, insomnia, difficulty focusing, inability to concentrate, thoughts of death or suicide, feeling worthless, changes in appetite, aches and pains.

The manic symptoms are boundless energy, grand ideas, feelings of self importance, irrational behavior, no sense of self preservation, difficulty concentrating, fast developing ideas, talking very fast, excessive money spending, alcohol and drug abuse, long periods without sleep, loss of self control, loss of good judgment and a desire to engage in various risky ventures without considering the consequences.

Since Bipolar Disease is a very serious and life threatening condition it is best to seek treatment as soon as possible. Should Bipolar disorder be left untreated it could lead towards suicide. Therefore to prevent such a tragic event, medical treatment, which is a mixture of medication and therapy, should be started as soon as the condition has been diagnosed. Stop Bipolar Disease before it destroys your life.

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