Stress can be caused by anything. Living with the responsibilities that come to individuals day-to-day can cause a great amount of stress. There are times where life can feel like it is outright painful and unfair. We just try to move through these days and keep going living in our stressful lives that just seem to never improve.

It’s obvious that the world we live in is changing. People are piling themselves into massive amounts of debt. The unemployment rate is constantly moving higher, making corporate America unreliable and stressful for those employed by America’s companies. What is the result of all this? Stress, anxiety, and panic attacks are the result. It is no surprise that those problems and illnesses are costing the U.S. $46.6 billion dollars annually.

The constant worry of fear and worry is what people live with on a day-to-day basis. It has become normal for people to receive medicine to fix their illnesses. America has turned into a nation of “pill poppers” who believe prescription medications are the answer to solve any problem. The constant worry of the economy, housing costs, news, gas prices, and even the cost of food has forced Americans to work jobs that they otherwise would have not. Quite frankly, things have changed,and the result is the toll these stressors take on our body.

The reason women experience a greater rate of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks is the responsibility they feel to not only bring home a paycheck, but take care of the family, bills, dinners, development of their children. How are women supposed to have time for themselves after supporting a family by working and taking care of their every need? The reports of women experiencing mental illness’s is at an all time high.

Today, there is a need for everyone to be connected at every moment of the day. The invention of the Internet is great, but it has added a great deal of anxiety and stress to the lives of the people who are constantly worried about being connected. Come on, iPhones, iPods, Blackberry’s, Wireless Cards (they actually have these cards made to connect you anywhere now, no matter if there is WiFi or not). Why is that people always feel like they have to be connected? It’s pretty simple, the more connected a person is to his business and life, the more successful the person seems to be.

Recently I was on a weekend getaway to a log cabin in North Georgia with friends. There was one guy there who was worried before the trip if there would be wireless internet and a phone line, now I know why he was so worried. He said, and I quote “I run 3 businesses online, if I am offline for more then 12 hours, they go into chaos and I am on my way to being out of business.” I thought to myself, this guy might be rich, but he will never enjoy life. How can someone live with the constant worry and fear that if they are not connected for one day, they will be out of business? That’s not a way to live your life.